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Drew Null


Drew Null earned his Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of North Texas in 2011. As a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern he calls on his experience of 9 years in youth and family ministry to incorporate Christian principles with effective, research based therapies to help individuals, couples, and families live healthier, meaningful lives. Drew also offers traditional counseling where more empirically based therapeutic techniques are incorporated into the therapeutic process when this type of therapy is more comfortable to individuals. Both types of therapy are accomplished in a safe, non-judgmental environment that encourages people toward meaning, fulfillment, and purpose.

During his career in fulltime ministry as well as his current career in community mental health services, Drew personally encountered many individuals and families’ struggles, tension and problems that they experienced on a daily basis. Drew believes that all human beings were created with a desire for purpose and relationships. Healthy relationships are essential in our ability to function as whole and satisfied individuals. Drew believes that our most essential relationship that we have is our relationship with Christ. It is Drew’s goal to help others develop a greater sense of themselves and the meaning they desire for their lives.

His experience in family ministry as well as his current career in community mental health, along with his personal life experiences provides Drew with the insight to help clients in practical daily challenges that may include stress and anxiety in home life, the workplace and other social settings. Drew takes a practical approach to counseling and life and uses techniques to help clients assess their goals and desires for their lives and evaluate how effective current thoughts and actions are at achieving their goals and desires. Drew takes a holistic approach to personal growth and wellness and strives to focus not only on cognitive or psychological distress but also attempts to help clients address matters regarding their physical and spiritual health when appropriate.

Drew has been married for 3 years to his beautiful wife Sarah who works in the medical field as a Physician Assistant. They are planning to add to their family very soon. Drew and Sarah have a Wheaten Terrier, Addison, that is currently being trained as an animal assisted therapy pet to utilize in his therapeutic endeavors. His personal interests include music, reading, travel, sports of any kind, and being outdoors. He is an active member and volunteer at his Church and is a member of the American Counselor’s Association. Drew offers quality Christian and Traditional counseling at a reasonable rate.

His counseling areas of interest are:

Marriage & Premarital
Anxiety & Depression
Self Worth & Identity
Spiritual Concerns
Divorce and Step Families
Stress Management
Sexual Issues
Anger Management
Grief & Loss
Mental Illness
Personal Growth &  Life management

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